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Tom and Jerry in the beach

Published December 4, 2008 by aurelpenuliscilik

One day it was a great day at the beach. Tom was playing beach ball with Jerry. Then after they play beach ball, they make sand castle.

Tom is not making a sand castle. But he’s making a sand man. Jerry is making a sand angel.

After playing, they relax together and ate hamburgers. They love to watch the sea. Then they want to go surfing. Jerry doesn’t know how to surf. So he decided to swim.

They have fun in the sea. Then they meet Buch, the cat.

Then they want to exercise together. Jerry uses a small one. Tom uses the heavy one. Buch uses the heavier one. Now they are strong.

Then they go ride a boat. They also go fishing. They catch many fish. Then they fry the fish and eat the fish together.

They were very tired after that, so they use their tent and sleep with their sleeping bags.

Yes, they had a great time together.

The End.

Writer : Aurelia Prinisha M