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Summer vacation

Published April 5, 2008 by aurelpenuliscilik

By: Aurelia Prinisha

It was a beautiful summer day.

Danny, Sam and Perry were relaxing in front of the apple tree. Then their dad came with a swimming suit.

“Dad, why do you wear a swimming suit?” asked Danny.

“Well, it’s summer. We all need a vacation on summer, right??” answered dad.

“So get it on and get your bag ready. And don’t forget to bring your sleeping bags, too” said dad.

So they hurried take their bag.

“Hey, Perry do you bring your sunscreen lotion?” asked Sam.

“Sure. Glad I bought many of them” said Perry.

“Anyway, where is Kitty, our cat?” asked Danny.

“Here she is” said Sam.

So they called their mom and went to the beach with their car. They’re fallen asleep in the car. But in 30 minute they reached the beach. It was a beautiful sea and The  Sun looked so beautiful, too.

They all liked to go picnic in the beach. They liked to swim in a clean sea. And they also liked to relax in the sun. But most of them, swimming in a clean sea was their favorite best.

When they’re relaxing, 6 coco nuts were falling down.

“Wow,… 6 coconuts” said dad.

“It’s enough for every body. So let’s dig in” said Sam.

After eating coconuts, it’s time to see the sun went down. The Sunset was very awesome.

They put on some logs to make a fire. They wanted to make a roasted toast. Then, after that they put on their pajamas.

They took their sleeping bags and tent.  They got sleep with very nice dreams. In the morning, it was time to go home. Danny, Sam and Perry picked up some shells to remember the beach. And they always remember about their vacation on the beach everyday and everywhere they go.

And that shell will be always in their hand.


Written by:

Aurelia Prinisha