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A New Friend

Published November 4, 2007 by aurelpenuliscilik


                 Wanda’s New Friend 

 Wanda  There is a girl name Wanda.

She is nine years old. One day Wanda goes play at the park. Then she saw a girl playing in the slide. 

Wanda is a little bit shy to say ‘hello’…. Then she said to her self,  

“I don’t need to be shy. She is a people too, like me,“ say Wanda. 

So Wanda comes to her. She ask her name, 

“Hello, my name is Wanda. What is your name?” 

“Hi, My name is Tuttie”, Said Tutie. 

“Hello Tutie, nice to meet you”, said Wanda. 

So after that Wanda talk about her family. They go play hide and seek. 

When Wanda go home, she talk about her new friend Tutie. She is very happy having a new friend like Tutie. 


Writer by : Aurelia Prinisha