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Chika’s New Baby Sister

Published November 13, 2007 by aurelpenuliscilik

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Chika’s New Baby Sister

One day there’s a girl named chika. Chika is 9 years old. One day Chika’s mother have a new baby. The doctor said that the baby is a girl. So Chika’s mom named her baby Siska.

When the baby was born, grandma came to visit Chika’s mom and the new baby. Grandma was not come with grandpa because grandpa was going for fishing.

Grandma said, “Well… looks like Chika has a new sister.”

After 2 weeks, Chika’s mom can went home with the new baby.

Everyday, Chika’s mom is busy with Siska. Chika is a little bit angry and jealous to the baby, Siska. Because Chika’s mom doesn’t has time for Chika anymore.

At school, Chika told her friend about the new baby. Chika’s friend is happy that Chika had a new baby sister. But actually, Chika is not happy.

Until one day, Chika met her friend Verginia.

“Why do you look sad, Verginea?, ” Ask Chika.

“My mom had a new baby brother. They named him Carlos,” Answer Verginea.

“Well… I felt the same too. I had a new baby sister, and my mom and dad gave the baby name Siska.” said Chika.

“Hmmm… talking about babies makes me feeling better,” said Verginea.

“Yeahhh… me too,” answer Chika.

So From now on Verginea and Chika live happily ever after.


Writer : Aurelia Prinisha M