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Ming Yu and Mimichi goes to school

Published February 10, 2008 by aurelpenuliscilik

Ming yu and Mimichi goes to school

Ming Yu is 5 years old. He is a chinese person. He has a sister named Mimichi. She is 3 years old.

One day Ming Yu’s mom said that Ming Yu and Mimichi it’s time for them to study so, they should go to school. They are a little bit nervous. Their mom then buys them a lot of things like pencils, erasers, bags, pencil cases, crayon, glue and many more. Then they prepare their things for them to go to school.

At the morning Ming yu and Mimichi wake up so early. Their mom already buys them a lunch box too. Then they take their uniform.

Then they go to school. At the school they meet many children. It was their first day at school too.  Then the school bell was ringing. It was time to say good bye to the child’s parents.

In the classroom Ming Yu and Mimichi got a little bit nervous.

‘Hello, my name is Ms. Ali. What’s your name?’ ask the teacher.

‘Hello, Ms. Ali. I am Ming Yu and this is my sister Mimichi’ said them.

‘Hello, Mimichi. How are you?’ ask the teacher again.

‘Well, I got a little bit nervous at the first time this morning. But now I fell much better than before’ said Mimichi.

Then at art class Ming Yu and Mimichi got a new friend. They are twins. Their name was Pop and Philips.

‘Hello, we are new students too’, said Pop and Philips.

‘What are you drawing?’ asked them again.

‘Hello, were a Chinese person, we are drawing our dog Ming – Ming’, said Ming Yu.

At break time Ming Yu and MImichi eat carrots. Their mom brings five carrots. So Ming yu gives two carrots for his new friends the twins. But there are three carrots left. So he gives one of those carrots to his teacher. But there are still two carrots left.

Then Ming Yu meets a new friend. Her name is Sam.

‘Hey, Ming Yu, what do you bring for lunch?’ asked Sam.

‘I bring some carrots, but I think I want to give them to my friends because it’s to many for me my self ‘, said Ming Yu.

‘Can I have one, please?’ asked Sam.

‘Sure’ said Ming Yu. ‘There you are’.

Now Ming Yu has one carrot left, and he wants to eat it.

‘But how is it if you hadn’t have enough carrots and still wants to have some more’, asked Sam again.

‘Well, that’s okay, anyway. I still can ask for my sister’s carrots if I still hungry’, said Ming Yu nicely.

Then the bell was ringing again. It was time to go home. Today Ming yu and Mimichi was very happy at school.

And from now on Ming Yu and Mimichi love to go to school very much.


Written by:

Aurelia Prinisha

On 10.02.2008


A New Friend

Published November 4, 2007 by aurelpenuliscilik


                 Wanda’s New Friend 

 Wanda  There is a girl name Wanda.

She is nine years old. One day Wanda goes play at the park. Then she saw a girl playing in the slide. 

Wanda is a little bit shy to say ‘hello’…. Then she said to her self,  

“I don’t need to be shy. She is a people too, like me,“ say Wanda. 

So Wanda comes to her. She ask her name, 

“Hello, my name is Wanda. What is your name?” 

“Hi, My name is Tuttie”, Said Tutie. 

“Hello Tutie, nice to meet you”, said Wanda. 

So after that Wanda talk about her family. They go play hide and seek. 

When Wanda go home, she talk about her new friend Tutie. She is very happy having a new friend like Tutie. 


Writer by : Aurelia Prinisha