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Milk Straw the rescue dog

Published September 14, 2008 by aurelpenuliscilik

Milk straw is a dog. She got a really funny name.

Milk Straw had a doll. The doll was a present from an old lady.

Milk straw plays with the doll every time she finish her dinner. She also sleep with her doll.

But one day, milk straw’s doll was gone. Milk Straw wants to find it. Even if she has to find it in the dark.

Milk straw found her doll at the top of the hill. Milk Straw took it. But too late! there was a kitten who take it and then it got broken down.

The kitten was bored about the doll. Then Milk straw want to hit the kitten. But then the kitten got fall from the top of the hill.

Milk Straw feels sorry for the kitten. So she took The kitten instead of her doll.

When she arrives home the old lady saw the kitten.

The old lady gave the kitten a soup and a little bit of oil on his arms.

Milk Straw stills miss her doll. But instead of her doll, The kitten was the best of all.

The End

Written by : Aurelia Prinisha


Who is stealing my new shoes?

Published October 21, 2007 by aurelpenuliscilik


                        Who is stealing my new shoes? 

One day there’s a little girl name Vicky. Vicky is a ten year’s old girl. one day Vicky want to go for a walk. But suddenly her new shoes was gone.  

Vicky ask her mom and her dad. But her mom and dad don’t know where is the shoes. Then Vicky ask her grandma.

“Grandma have ou seen my new shoes?” ask Vicky.

“No, I don’t see your new shoes everywhere.” answer grandma.  

So Vicky ask her aunty, “aunt Marrie, have you seen my new shoes?” “No, I don’t see your new shoes. Why don’t you ask your dog Danny.” said aunt Marrie. 

So Vicky ask her dog Danny, but when she ask her dog, Vicky can’t understand what is Danny want to say. So Vicky think Danny is saying no. But in fact, Danny was trying to say yes. 

Vicky already ask every body but she cannot found it. So the next day Vicky wake up at 7:00 o’clock in the morning. She wake up so early because she wants to stick some poster of her missing shoes. All of the people see the poster and they want to help Vicky too. Then her parent’s look all their neighbour are coming to Vicky’s house.  

“What is happening here?” ask Vicky’s mom.

“Sorry mom, I’m invited all of our neighbour to find my new shoes 

Then, suddenly Danny is barking.“Bark …bark….bark…”.

“Well, look at that shoes” said Vicky’s dad.

“it’s my shoes…it’s my shoes…” cried Vicky. 

So dad climb to the tree because that’s where the shoes is. Then dad gives the shoes to Vicky.

“Thank’s Danny, you’re the best. And you too guys.” 

So Vicky celebrate it with a big party, and Vicky live happily ever after.