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Published January 25, 2008 by aurelpenuliscilik


Bananas are really tasty. You can get some bananas at the market. Some times you can get bananas directly from a banana tree. They are delicious if you make them as a banana pie, banana pudding, banana pancakes, banana juice, banana cakes and banana ice cream.

Bananas are a great treat for your tummy. They had vitamin B, A and C. They also really good for your brain.

Making cakes from banana are easy. You just need flour, 2 eggs, 4 pieces of chocolate, a cake cream, a sugar, butter and bananas.

To make a banana cake you have to put a glass of flour and then you put the flour that is in the glass to the bowl. And then put a glass of water in the bowl. Your glass has to be 15 cm. After that put 2 eggs at the bowl. And then put 4 chocolate. Then put some bananas and butter.

And then mix it with a spoon. After 5 minutes give the cake a sugar then mix it again. Then after 15 minute stop mixing.

Now it’s time to bake it at the oven. You need 30 minutes to bake it.

After 30 minutes, it’s time to put the cream and decorate it. That’s how to make a banana cake. Banana is people favorite fruit for sure.

Imagine if there is no banana. The monkeys can be really hungry. And we can’t be strong again. So that’s why for me the banana is the hero of the fruit.

And remember to always exercise so your body can be strong and smart and also your eyes will be bright.

Banana had different kinds of color and size. If it’s green it means it is not ready to be eaten. If it’s yellow it means we can eat them. If it small it means it is for kids. But if it’s big its mean it’s for grown ups.

So eat banana every day for your own good.

See you on the other food story guys. Bye…

The End.

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Aurelia Prinisha