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Andy’s New Pet

Published January 27, 2008 by aurelpenuliscilik

Andy’s pet Fluffy

Andy had a pet cat. He named his cat Fluffy. Fluffy is a present from Andy’s grandma. Taking care of a cat is a hard work. Some time Fluffy don’t like taking a bath.

“Andy, could you please help me clean up Fluffy’s cage?” Ask Andy’s mom. “Yes, mom” said Andy.

So he goes and washes Fluffy’s cage. After cleaning Fluffy’s cage Andy has his lunch. And so is Fluffy. But at the night, Andy has trouble sleeping. So he puts Fluffy to his own basket.

“Mom, I want a pancakes, please” said Andy.

”A pancakes coming right up” said Andy’s mom.

“Where’s Fluffy?” ask mom.

“Fluffy is still sleeping” said Andy.

So… in the afternoon he goes out and plays with Fluffy. He always plays with Fluffy in the afternoon. At Monday Andy wants to go to school. But Fluffy misses Andy so much that she doesn’t want to eat her breakfast.

Then Fluffy heard the bell ringing. It was Andy.

“Andy why you don’t go to school?” ask Andy’s mom.

“I forgot that today is holiday, mom” said Andy.

“Well, if you like to play with Fluffy, then maybe you can play with her,” said Andy’s mom.

“Well ok,” said Andy.

So he plays with Fluffy and spends their after noon together.

And he lives happily ever after.


Writer by:

Aurelia Prinisha.


Pentas boneka wayang

Published October 21, 2007 by aurelpenuliscilik


               Pertunjukan boneka wayang di taman. 

Suatu hari ada anak bernama Anie. Anie suka sekali pertunjukan boneka wayang. Suatu hari waktu Anie pulang sekolah, Anie melihat ada poster pertunjukan Boneka Wayang. Pertunjukan boneka itu diadakan pada hari sabtu, di taman dekat rumah Anie.

Anie menjadi tidak sabar untuk menonton pertunjukan boneka itu. Waktu Anie pulang, ia minta ijin kepada ibunya untuk menonton pertunjukan boneka itu. Karena Anie suka sekali pertunjukan wayang, ibunya mengijinkan Anie untuk menonton  pertunjukan itu.  

Waktu hari sabtu tiba, pertunjukan boneka itu akan dimulai. Tetapi Anie masih tertidur. Pertunjukan boneka itu akan dimulai dalam 3 menit lagi.

Untung ibunya Anie membangunkannya tepat waktu. Lalu Anie terbangun dengan buru-buru, dan baru ingat bahwa hari ini ada Pertunjukan Boneka.

Anie mandi cepat–cepat. Lalu setelah mandi Anie pergi ke taman dengan ibunya. Untung Anie ke taman tepat waktu, pertunjukan  Boneka itu sedang dimulai. 

Anie sangat menikmati pertunjukan Boneka Wayang itu. 


Ditulis oleh : Aurelia, si penulis cilik.