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Peter And The Flying Potato

Published November 5, 2007 by aurelpenuliscilik

             Peter and the flying potato

One day when Peter was playing his dad call him. “Oh, Peter look at my new experiment, a flying Potato! Said Peter’s dad.  

Then Peter’s mom call Peter’s dad.” Honey… time for dinner. You must be tired from of your experiments!’ Said Peter’s mom. 

So Peter’s Dad goes and has a break.  

“Wow!… a magic Potato!’” Said  Peter.

“But what does it do?” said Peter to him self.

“Maybe I can do a magic trick’s with it.” Said Peter.  

Then suddenly his friend Fred comes to Peter’s house. 

”Hello, Peter!” said Fred.

”Wow… What is that?” ask Fred.

”Oh, That it just a magic potato” said Peter.  

So they try to do what they know about the flying potato. But the flying potato never flies or does any thing.

So…. because they are tired, they fall a sleep. 

Then they had a very good dream. They dream about the magic potato.

They saw a very brave genie. 

“Welcome to the land of a potato!” said the Genie.

“Wow… I cannot belief it were at the Potato land!” said Peter.  

Then after many weeks, they lived at the potato village.

Suddenly, when they are going to the shop they buy some potatoes; many of the potatoes are flying. 

”Wow, do you see that? A flying potato!” said Fred. 

So they buy the flying potato. The flying potato is suddenly growing and he lets Peter and Fred ride. But then, suddenly they awake.  

“Wake up boys, you fall a sleep on the flying potato. But its ok!” said Peter’s dad.

”Sorry, dad” said the boys.

”Sorry for what? You make the potato flying and growing. Thank you boys” said Peter’s dad. 

“Well, I think that was a real dream” said Peter.

“Yes, I think you are true Peter” said Fred. 

So now Peter has a new flying food. And he lives happily ever after.   

THE END                                        

Writer by: Aurelia Prinisha.