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Maggie’s New Toy

Published November 4, 2007 by aurelpenuliscilik

There’s a girl name Maggie. Maggie is 11 years old.

One day Maggie was having a birthday Party. When Maggie opened her present from her mom, she got a doll. Maggie was very happy. She called her new doll “Debie”. 

Every where Maggie went, that doll have to be beside her. Then one day Maggie played at the park. Then she met her friend. Maggie put her doll at the bench. 

When Maggie was tired playing, she decided to go home. But when she was already at home, her doll was missing. 

Maggie looked everywhere but she couldn’t find it. Then Maggie remembered when she put her doll at the bench. 

“Hey… Maggie, why do you look so sad?” ask her mother.

“I lost my new doll Debie, mom” Answer Maggie.

“You can’t leave your things alone. That means you can’t show your responsibility.” said her Mother.

“Ok mom, I won’t do it again. I’m sorry” Answer Maggie. 

The next day Maggie going for a walk with her dog and guess what???…. 

Maggie found her doll. 


Writer By : Aurelia Prinisha