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Published October 19, 2007 by aurelpenuliscilik


Hello, it’s me again, Aurel. Today I want to tell you all about hairs. Hairs is at the top of our body and also behind our ears. We take care of our hairs by washing them. We use a shampoo to clean it. Some times when you don’t wash your hair after two weeks you can see there’s an inie bidie white spot call danddruf. So we have to wash our hair twice a day.  

But sometimes some shampoo can be tricky it makes our hair itchy and smelly. So becareful with a shampoo. And don’t use too much shampoo. It can make the shampoo quickly run out.  

you can also change your hair colour like white, purple, black, yellow and also brown like my mom. But now my mom’s hairs colour was black. All of the people  use a hairs colour to change their hair colour. We also use a hairdryer to make our hair dry quickly. Some people don’t have hairs. That’s because they are bold.  

Speaking about  style, many people have different hair style. Some hairs were short like me. Some are long. And there is a Metal style too. 

Hair can be changing itself too. If we already old enough our hairs colour change into silver one. 

Well that’s all about hairs. Learn more about hairs with me next time friends. Bye… bye.

Writer by : Aurelia prinisha.