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A crunchy apple for Rinny the rat.

Published October 19, 2007 by aurelpenuliscilik

                          A crunchy apple for Rinny the rat. 

One day there`s a turtle name Tortie. Tortie was a friendly turtle. One day  his friend Rinny the rat was having a birthday party. She gave Tortie an invitation. Tortie was so happy, but he didn’t know what would he gave to Rinny. So he looked into his piggy bank, but when he looked into his piggy bank he only had 5dollars. 

“oh men! only 5 dollars?… that`s not enough to buy anything,” said Tortie the turtle. So Tortie decided his silly idea. Then Tortie got another idea. He said,

“I know. I`ll  visit the pigs. They have a lot of fruits”, said Tortie the turtle. 

So he visited the pigs. When he was there, the pigs said,

“well… hello Tortie the turtle. What are you doing here?,” said the tree  little pigs.

“Rinny the rat give me an Invitation. Can I have some of your Fruit please?,” said Tortie The tutle.

“Well of course, why not. You can have some of our fruit,” said  the 3 little pigs.

So Tortie  took some fresh fruit from the 3 little pigs, but he didn’t know what would he choose. Then Tortie saw an apple. 

But it’s not just an apple. It`s a crunchy apple, and it`s so fruity. So he tried to take it but he couldn’t. He asked the three litte pigs to take the crunchy apple. Then the three little pigs helped Tortie to pick the apple.  

The three little pigs took the crunchy apple. They worked as hard as they could. Then Tortie said, “I can help you”. So Tortie helped the three little pigs.

Then the three little pigs pulled the apple. They catched the apple. Tortie was very happy.  

The next day the three little pigs looked into their mail box. When the three little pigs saw an invitation  for them, they noticed that it was a birthday invitation card from Rinny the rat.

Then when it was lunch time, the birthday party was begin. So Tortie and the three little pigs came to Rinny`s birthday party.  

It was the special party at Rinny birthday, where Tortie and the three little pigs bring the same gift.  


Writer by : Aurelia Prinisha