Sylvester Went to The Concert

Published August 23, 2009 by aurelpenuliscilik

Even me send you love

“This is not fair! I wanted to join your band! You should know that I really have a great voice!”, Sylvester complaints.

” Sorry Sylvester! We don’t think you’re good enough to join this band” Bugs Bunny said to Sylvester.

Sylvester wanted to join Bugs Bunny’s band.

Suddenly, as he went home, he hit a tree with a poster.

It says:


Sylvester always wanted his own money.

He wanted to buy his own skate board.

So Sylvester entered the musical concert. And with this job in his hands, he will prove Bugs Bunny that he is a good singer.

Sylvester practices all day. He practices at lunch, at his grandma’s house, at the playground and even when he is taking a shower.

On the way, he was ready to sing. But, Sylvester was nervous.

When he arrives, the producer was glad to see Sylvester.

”Hello, sir. I’m the singer. Could I have a glass of water and a cookie before I sing? This is my first time I sing in front of many people”.

The producer was very surprised that Sylvester was a kid.

But he didn’t care. At least he got a singer.

So, he called his chef.  Many animals came to see Sylvester singing.

The Pacific Cat Hotel was very full with fancy animals. Sylvester look at all the animals.

”Oh no! There’s too many audience! And some of them are my best friends! There’s Bugs Bunny, Putty Taz, Daffy duck, The Road Runner and Twetty!”

Sylvester was very nervous. But he believes that he could do it.

Then the show starts. Every body was enjoying the show while eating their favorite foods.

Sylvester was ready to sing in front of the audience. When he was singing he brought a flower. He sings until he finished.

When he finished, he threw the flowers to the audience. Then when he finished, lots of audience asked for his signature.

His best friends really liked Sylvester’s song. So, they decided that Sylvester should join their band.

And finally, he brought his own skateboard with the money that he earned.



Hello Kitty Got Sick

Published August 23, 2009 by aurelpenuliscilik


Hello Kitty was sick since she went for a camp last month.  She stayed up all night last year.

”I’m afraid Hello Kitty needs to stay for 1 week. And Hello Kitty needs more rest”, said Doctor Cat.

Doctor Cat gave Hello Kitty some medicine.

On Monday morning, Raccoon and Rabbit went to see Hello Kitty. They brought some fruits and greeting cards. Hello Kitty missed her school.

Mama Kitty gives Hello Kitty some medicine.

” YUCKKKK! This medicine tasted bad!” said Hello Kitty.

“But if you drink it, you may be cured from your sickness” said mama Kitty.

Hello Kitty finally wanted to drink the medicine.  Grandma Kitty came to visit. She brought her a bowl of delicious corn soup.

Grandma Kitty makes this soup once a year only. But in this case, she could make a million of soup if Hello Kitty wants.

After Grandma Kitty left, Hello Kitty went to bed.

The next day, Hello Kitty felt better already.

”I’m cured!” said Hello Kitty.

Hello Kitty was very happy when she felt better. And Hello Kitty finally can met her friends again.


Summer Vacation

Published August 23, 2009 by aurelpenuliscilik


It was a beautiful summer day. Danny, Sam and Perry were relaxing in front of the apple tree. Then their dad came with a swimming suit.

”Dad, why do you wear a swimming suit?” asked Danny.

”Well, it’s summer. We all need a vacation on summer, right??” answered dad.

“So get it on and get your bag ready. And don’t forget to bring your sleeping bags, too” said dad.

So they hurried take their bag.

“Hey, Perry do you bring your sunscreen lotion?” asked Sam.

“Sure. Glad I bought many of them” said Perry.

“Anyway, where is Kitty, our cat?” asked Danny.

“Here she is” said Sam.

So they called their mom and went to the beach with their car. They’re fallen asleep in the car. But in 30 minute they reached the beach. It was a beautiful sea and The  Sun looked so beautiful, too.

They all liked to go picnic in the beach. They liked to swim in a clean sea. And they also liked to relax in the sun. But most of them, swimming in a clean sea was their favorite best.

When they’re relaxing, 6 coco nuts were falling down.

”Wow,… 6 coconuts” said dad.

“It’s enough for every body. So let’s dig in” said Sam.

After eating coconuts, it’s time to see the sun went down. The Sunset was very awesome.

They put on some logs to make a fire. They wanted to make a roasted toast. Then, after that they put on their pajamas.

They took their sleeping bags and tent.  They got sleep with very nice dreams. In the morning, it was time to go home. Danny, Sam and Perry picked up some shells to remember the beach. And they always remember about their vacation on the beach everyday and everywhere they go.

And that shell will be always in their hand.


Written by: Aurelia Prinisha

Movie perfect

Published August 23, 2009 by aurelpenuliscilik

In this month, Billy’s school is having a school’s festival. At this festival Billy want to make a movie. But Billy can’t do it much longer. We have to present our movie today. The festival starts at Friday. Today is Tuesday.

Then at Wednesday Billy told the teacher about the show. The teacher agrees. She will order Billy’s class mates to be the character of the show. They will start practicing at break time.

The show title is ‘the princess and the prince’. Billy was really excited about the show.

When they are practicing, some of them were doing a mistake.

But Billy does not be mad at his friend for doing a mistake. They just replay the show.

The day of the festival is here. Billy’s class mates are a little nervous. So was Billy.

But when they started the show, the people love it.

Even Billy and his class mates. So every festival day, the schools will always having a show. And Billy is the star of the show. THE END.

Written by: Aurelia PrinishaNDHRKUMHNY


The biggest fan of ICarly

Published August 23, 2009 by aurelpenuliscilik

I am the biggest fan of ICarly

Carly is a girl who makes a blog. Miranda Cosgrove is the one who be Carly. Nathan Kress is the one who be Freddy.

Jennette McCurdy is the one who be Sam. And Jerry Trainor is the one who be Carly’s Big brother, Spencer.

So many People want to be Miranda Cosgrove’s Fans. Actually Miranda Cosgrove also plays at Drake and Josh. Carly’s best friend is Sam. Carly stayed with Spencer in the apartement.

Who is your favorite character?

I carly I carly 2

Could it be Mandy, Spencer, Carly, Freddy or Sam?

Mine is Freddy, Carly and Sam.

ICarly is the best show in Nickelodeon. In U.S.A, so many people send videos to Carly.

Maybe you can show Carly what trick could you by sending a Video. Send your video to ICarly.Com. send your Video and get $ 100.

What’s that? You want to watch ICarly? Well, just watch ICarly at Nickelodeon every day at 3:30 P.M. And if you want to know more about ICarly, just go to ICarly.Com where you can see can see ICarly videos, website and know more about your favorite characters.

Now I, Aurel want to say good bye and thank you.

Being healthy with berries

Published February 19, 2009 by aurelpenuliscilik


Hello, my name is Aurel. I am an 8 years old writer.

Today I’ll tell you about being healthy. Maybe my story is only simple. Today our healthy food is about berries.

Do you know that bears like to eat berries? Bear like to eat berries because it’s sweet and really healthy. Berries are good for our body and for our brains.

We can eat it in juice, jam, and fruit salad. Berries can have a different color. For strawberry the color is pink. Grapes had many colors like green, purple and sometimes blue like blueberry. Berries are good for us.

In the berries there are vitamins A, Vitamin c and Vitamin B. Berries will make us strong and also make us healthy.

So remember to always eat berries. Hope you will eat berries once a day and be healthy. Meet me soon in another story.

Good bye.

Be healthy friends!

Adam in the corn world

Published February 19, 2009 by aurelpenuliscilik

There was a boy named Adam. Adam is 7 years old. His hobby is reading books. He also likes to try and eat some food. He also had a sister named Sue.

One day Adam was having a snack. He ate corn and cookie. Then when his sister saw the cookie, she says

“LOOKIE!!! COOKIE” said Sue.

But Adam was thinking that he should eat corn.

His sister prefer cookie more than corn. Adam still eats the corn.

Then when he sleeps, he was dreaming he was at some village which is looks like corns.

Then there was a corn that helps Adam.  The corn’s name is Cannol.  She is a female corn.

Cannol is really nice.  She show Adam her village.  Then when it’s night, Cannol takes Adam to her home.  She let Adam stay for a few days.

Luckyly Cannol still had one room for Adam. The bed is not as soft as at His home, but Adam sure got a good sleep.

Then at the morning, the corn villagers are making breakfast.  Their breakfast is milk cake.  Adam loves to stay at the corn village.

But then Adam was a wake from his nice dream.

Ah, it’s only a dream?

But it’s ok.  Maybe if he ate healthy foods he will dream nice dreams again. Even you.  But not for Sue.  He dreamed that all chocolates had eaten all her stamps collections.

And now Adam eat healthy foods forever and ever.