I Need You

Today I tried to make a new song. Here is the lyrics, but I don’t know how to record this song.  I will be very happy if my mom helping me recording my voice when I sang my new own created song, but my mommy was too busy today. Our maid was going back to their hometown village for Lebaran Idul Adha.

So, I will write them here, I hope you like it…



by : Aurelia

Every time I see your face

Your face is my dream place

But there’s one thing I gotta do

It’s to find you now

Everytime I see your eyes

I can feel that I can fly

But what I need to do now

Is to see you while take a bow


I’m Blind without you

I’m deaft without you

I just need you to be with me

I can’t smell without you

I can’t walk without you

I just need you to be with me


Jakarta, 04.12.2008


This Song is originally created by Aurelia Prinisha M


4 comments on “I Need You

  • Iaku baru tau kamu pernah bikin lagu ^^.. iya seperti kata aria kamu nyanyi lagunya kapan2. (btw, itu i need sapa, apakah v*t*? kidding ^^)

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