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Eating a Pie

Published November 4, 2007 by aurelpenuliscilik

                   Sandy Eat a Pie

There’s a girl name Sandy live in Singapore. Sandy is 10 years old. One day Sandy’s mom said:  

“Sandy, you have to try to eat pie, because there are no bread and peanut butter, so I can’t make you peanut butter and sandwiches. Is that ok?” ask Sandy’s mom.  

“Oh, that’s ok mom”, Answer Sandy.  

So, Sandy tries to eat a pie. She never tries to eat a pie. But when she try it, it’s like jelly sandwiches. So if there’s no food at the fridge, sandy have to eat pie. Everyday Sandy go to school, she always bring pie. So Sandy’s favorite food now is pie. 

One day, her friend flick said, “Oh man… I bring Cheese… yeakk!”Than Sandy give her pie to flick. She said, “Here’s some pie for you flick” 

“Well thank you Sandy,” Said Flick.

“You’re welcome flick” said Sandy.

“Well… Not just thank you I think… but I’m gonna say thank you very much of course” said Flick. 

So, from now on pie is the very best food in Singapore. 


Writer by: Aurelia.