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Treasure hunt

Published October 21, 2007 by aurelpenuliscilik

                        Treasure hunt at the school 

One day there’s a boy name Rude. He was 9 year’s old. One day when Rude went to school, it was treasure hunt at school day. Rude was so excited because if some one got the treasure they will got a trophy.  

When it was break time at school, all of the student go to the playground. That’s because the teachers want to tell that the treasure hunt day will start at 10:00 o’clock. Then after all of the children already have their break, they go to the playground rightaway. 

”Teacher this is already 10:00 a clock, so can we start the treasure hunt day teacher?”, ask Rude’s friend Marrie.”Why not. We already finish decorating too, so we can start the treasure hunt day now “ answer teacher. 

So all of the children looked for the treasure. Some of the children found the first clue, but some are not. 

”Three , two, one… go!” said the school principle.  

Not long after that Rude found the first clue. 

”Go to the left of the pretended ship then go to the right!” said the clue.

So Rude followed what the first clue said. Then finally Rude found the next clue. It seems that if Rude went left he would found the treasure.  Then Rude went to the left then he finally found it.

”I found it….I found it…” said Rude. So the winner is Rude. Rude’s parents was very proud of their son and Rude now is the Treasure finder champion in the world.  

He lived happily ever after. 


Written by : Aurelia Prinisha