Days without mommy :(

Published December 4, 2012 by aurelpenuliscilik

It’s been about 4 days without mommy. Mommy is going to America for a month. To be honest, of course I’m hay for her. But, I do miss her a lot. Its very quiet without her. It feels like something is missing. Though, I hope mommy had a good time at America (:

Anyways, there’s a lot of things that I got to tell mommy. There’s bad news and also good news. But, there’s more good news than bad news. So, I think you’ll want to hear the good news first. Ochii and Andre fixed their cars that we bought in Kidz Land. They are very happy and they play with their toys everyday. I also got a quite good score for biology. though I hope to get a greater score. I got 7.8 for UAS. But I still pass. Oh, and today was the last day for UAS too! Now, I just need to wait for the scores. Until now, none of my scores are under the average score. I hope I pass all of the exams. Especially math and physcics. Mr.Filemon also told me to give testimony for SDH’s open house this Friday . Its a little bit hard to make the testimony. I don’t know what to say. I was too stressed studying for UAS that I got blank. Though, Debora and Kak Cayi helped me make the testimony and now I’m free \(^_^)/ That was the good news. Now, for the bad news. When we are eating at Gokana, Ochii accidentally touched the hot plate and it made his hand blistered. But, thank god he’s okay 🙂 The other bad news is that the weather here is not friendly and it made me, Andre, Ochii and Kak Cayi sick. Actually, me and Kak cayi are getting a it better now. Now, Ochii and Andre are the ones whose starting to cough and sneeze all the time. We told them to drink plenty of water and vitamins. Especially Andre. Since he almost had his final test. So, I hope God will protect us from diseases. Oh, btw, I also got infected by Malarindu tropikangen disease :’) LOL

Okay, so I think thats all for now. Hope you have fun in America. I’ll be active in blogging since I’m free. So,I can tell you about all the things that happened here in Indonesia 😀 Ok, got to go now.. Bye, I Love You and Miss you so muchh ;’) :* ❤


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