Catz: Chapter 2

Published February 10, 2012 by aurelpenuliscilik

Hello, readers. Have you read the first chapter? Is it fun? Well, today the adventure get even more fun. So, read the next chapter of the story.

Chapter 2:

At school, Christie told what happended to her friend, Rave.
“Hey Rave! Yesterday I dreamed about something really weird. But, I got a feeling that it’s not a dream” Christie said.
“What are you dreaming about?” Rave asked.
“Well, I dreamed that every night, all the cats in the whole world could speak like humans and do things like humans. They lived in this world named “Cat Kingdom”. Last night I dreamed that Catzriel took me there and he showed me around” Christie explained.
“Look, Chris.. I know that you’re good at making stories. But, seriously, cats that talk and do things like humans? Only dorks would believe such thing!” Rave said.
Christie just sighed. She was sure that last night she really went to Cat Kingdom with Catzriel. After school, Christie went to the back yard to see if the hole to Cat Kingdom was still there. Unfortunately, the hole was gone.
“Huh… I must be dreaming last night. There’s no such thing as Cat Kingdom, right?” Christie said to herself.
After that. Christie went inside and went to her room. There, she saw Catzriel scratching his  scratching post. When Catriel saw Christie, Catzriel ran towards Christie and gave Christie a nice big purr. Christie carried Catzriel to sit on a chair at the balcony.
“Catzriel… do you think all those Cat Kingdom stuffs are just a dream?” Christie asked while she stroke Catzriel’s head.
Catzriel just answered “meoowww”. Since that”s all that he could say.
All day long Christie could only think about what had happended yesterday. Without noticing, it was almost night and almost time for bed. Christie prepares for bed and went to sleep.

That night, Christie woke up again. She scratched her eyes and look at the clock. It was 1.30 a.m.

“Weird… I keep waking up every midnight. What does this mean? Hmm.. Wait! Catzriel!” Christie said while she ran towards the balcony.

At the balcony, Christie saw Catzriel sitting on the same spot that he sit yesterday. Catzriel was staring at the moon.

“It’s about time you woke up. Come.. Let’s go to Cat Kingdom again. There’s someone that I want you to meet” Catzriel said as he walk towards Christie.

“Wait.. Catzriel.. Am I dreaming?” Christie asked.

“I don’t know. It’s up to you to believe whether it’s just a dream or not” Catzriel said while he walk to the backyard.

Christie followed Catzriel to the backyard. There, Catzriel took the same marker that he used yesterday and drew a hole on the grass. Catzriel jumps onto te hole and Christie follows him.

When Christie and Catzriel arrived at Cat Kingdom, all the cats stops and stared at Christie and Catzriel.

“The chosen one!” One of the cats said.

“The chosen one?” Christie asked, feeling confused.

“Christie… You see, I’ve been telling the king and queen about you. You are a brave, kind and responsible girl. One day, the dog knights from Dog Kingdom kidnapped the princess and took her to Dog Kingdom. No one is brave enough to bring her back to Cat Kingdom. Until I met you. You’re the chosen one, Christie. You’re the only one that’s brave enough to bring the princess back to Cat Kingdom. Without the princess, the king and queen’s powers are useless. And, without their powers, Cat Kingdom will be no more and there will be no more cats in this world” Catzriel explained.

“Well, that sure is terrible.  But, I can only go to Cat Kingdom at midnight. When  it’s morning, I woke up on my bed” Christie said.

Suddenly, the royal carriage came. It was the king and queen.

“It’s the king and queen! Quick! Bow!” the citizens said.

The citizens bow to the king and queen as they got out of the carriage. The king and queen walked towards Catzriel and Christie.

“Your majesty” Catzriel said as he bow down to the king and queen.

The king and queen stared at Christie and Christie smiled.

“Catzriel, is this the girl you’ve been talking about?” The king asked.

“Yes, your majesty” Catzriel said.

“Hmm… She’s not like what I have  imagined. She’s a little shorter than I thought and she doesn’t look that brave too” The king said.


“Whoa… Now that’s what I call scary. I’m truly sorry Ms. Christie for making you angry. Come to the palace and let’s have a little talk” The king said.

Christie, the king and the queen went to the palace. The palace was really huge. And, it’s really fancy. Almost everything inside the palace is made out of gold. The king and queen led Christie and Catzriel to the living room. Christie was surprised because the living room was almost as big as a house. In the living room, the king and queen talked about the missing princess. While they talk, the butlers gave Christie and Catzriel a cup of hot tea.

“Ms. Christie, our little princess had been kidnapped by our biggest enemies, the dog knights from Dog Kingdom. Nobody is brave enough to save our little princess. Except you. Ms. Christie, if you help us, we will give you everything you want. Gold, money, diamonds, popularity, just mention it! You’re our only hope, Ms. Christie! Without you, our little princess won’t be saved and all the cats in this universe will die and extinct forever!” The king explained.

“Sure, I’ll help you. And you don’t need to repay me. But, I can only stay here until morning comes. After that, I woke up on my bed as usual. I can’t save the princess in 1 night” Christie said.

“Don’t worry about that. You see, here in Cat Kingdom, the owners of every cat in the world may come to Cat Kingdom to visit. But, they can only visit until morning comes because we did it on purpose. We don’t want humans to stay here too long cuz they’ll know about our kingdom and will tell it to the others. If they can only come here until morning, they will think that it’s all a dream. Since this is an emergency, we’ll set the machine and let you stay here until you save the princess” The king explained.

“I see. Ok then” Christie said.

Christie took a look at Catzriel. Catzriel winked at Christie and gave an “ok” sign using his hands.

“Uhh, your majesty, may I ask for one thing?” Christie asked.

“Anything” The queen said.

“I want… Catzriel to come along with me” Christie said.

“WHAT?! I can’t come with you! I’m not a brave cat! I get scared easily” Catzriel said.

“Catzriel, I don’t care how brave you are. Without you beside me, I’m useless and I won’t be brave anymore. Please come with me, Catzriel?” Christie asked.

Catzriel paused for a moment and he hugged Christie.

“Hiks…That’s the nicest thing anyone have ever said to me. Fine… I’ll come” Catzriel said as he wiped his tear drops.

“Then it’s settled. We’ll give all the weapons you’ll need after this. You may go after everything is packed. This is a good news, honey! We better tell this good news to the citizens! They’ll be so happy to hear this!” The queen said as she walk towards her room to write her speech.

“Oh well.. Here she goes again. Writing another long speech. Try to make it shorter, dear!” The king said.

Catzriel and Christie laughed. Then, everything became silent.

“Maybe I should write the speech…” The king said as he went to write his speech.

The king left Christie and Catzriel alone. Again, everything became silent.

“Catzriel, do you ever feel lonely?” Christie asked.

“Hmm… I don’t think so. Maybe when I’m all home alone. Then I feel lonely” Catzriel said.

“Well, how about feeling lonely like when you have no family?” Christie asked.

“You’re my family. Your mom, your dad, Chloe, they’re my family too. And the citizens here. They’re also my family.

“That’s not what I mean actually, but, let’s just forget about it. After all, it’s not important right now. What’s important right now is that we prepare ourselves for our journey” Christie said.

Catzriel just nodded. But, actually, he’s still curious about what Christie really mean about feeling “Lonely”. Are you??

Okay, readers… I guess that’s all for chapter 2. What will happen next to Christie and Catzriel? What does Christie really mean about feeling “Lonely”? Hmm… Aren’t you curious? If you’re curious, make sure you don’t miss the next chapter! I’ll try to make it as fast as I could. Thanks for reading, readers… 🙂 🙂 🙂


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