(˘o˘)/ / A Nεw Bεginning.. \\(˘o˘)

Published January 27, 2012 by aurelpenuliscilik

Hello friends! It’s still me, Aurel. I am now 12 years old. Now my height, weight and voice changed. But, my passion to writing didn’t change a bit. I have promise myself that forever my passion will always be in writting.. ^^ It’s been a long time since the last time I’ve post my story in my blog. I was focusing on writing a novel that time. But, since my novel’s draft is done now, I can go back on writing in this blog. My novel’s title is The Life Time of an Early Teenage Girl. But, it’s not published yet. So, you should just wait. The publisher said that probably it will be published this February or March. It’s not that long right? Hehehe.. 😀 Okay, so, starting from today, I will not make short stories anymore. Since I’m already 12 that is. Starting from today, I will make chapter stories. Every post should have 1 chapter each. I cannot make all chapters inside 1 post. That’s very impossible. So, I’ll just make 1 chapter for each post. But, if you want me to write a short story, just send your request to my email (aurelpenuliscilik@gmail.com) or send your request to my yahoo messenger (aurelia_prinisha@yahoo.co.id). Tell me what kind of story you want me to tell about. I’ll make the story you requested in my blog. The title of the story is “Catz”. Like I said, I’ll just tell you 1 chapter today. So, enjoy reading… ^^

Chapter 1: Riiiiinnng! The school bell rang. School was finally over. Christie took her bag and left science class. She was so tired. There are many pop quiz today at school. Like geometry, history, math and many more.

“Huh… With all these quiz, I’ll never get to practice for the big game! Coach will be so mad at me. He’ll probably kick me out of the basket club” Christie said as she took her books in her locker and sighed.

After taking her books, Christie went home. When Christie was home, Christie saw a note on the dining table. The note says:

Christie, I’m going to the cooking festival with Mrs. Welsh. There’s fettuccine on the kitchen counter if you want. If you don’t want it, I left you money to order pizza. I’ll be home at 5. Make sure you clean the dining table after the meal.


Christie put down the note and saw the fettuccine on the kitchen counter. She took the fettuccine and ate it on the sofa. She turned on the TV and find the sports channel.

Hours past and it began to rain. Christie was still busy watching the game. Suddenly, the door bell rang.

“Well, it’s about time mom came home” Christie said while she get off the couch and opened the door.

When Christie opened the door, Christie didn’t see her mom. Instead, she saw a basket lying in front of the door. She opened the basket and saw a cute little cat and a note. The note says:

Please take care of me. I’m very hungry. Feed me…

After reading the note, Christie took the basket and bring it inside.

Inside the house, Christie let the kitten out of the box. The kitten meowed and followed Christie to the kitchen. Christie pour a carton of milk onto a small bowl and gave it to the kitten. The kitten really liked the milk. When the kitten finish drinking it’s milk, the kitten meowed to Christie and beg for more milk. Christie pour more milk onto the small bowl and the kitten drank it again. Christie thinks that the kitten is cute.

When the kitten finished drinking it’s milk, the kitten saw a ball of yarn and played with it. Christie just watch the kitten playing with the yarn. Suddenly, she remembered that the kitten was not yet named. Christie took a look at the kitten.

“You’re a cute little kitten, aren’t ya’? Hmm.. how about I name you Catzriel?” Christie asked.

The kitten jumps onto Christie’s lap and slept there. Christie stroked the kitten.

“I’ll take that as a yes..” Christie said as she stroke the kitten.

4 years later….

“Mom! Have you seen my history report? I left it on the table yesterday!” Christie yelled from her room.

“No dear.. Why don’t you ask Chloe” Mom yelled back.

Christie went to her sister, Chloe, ‘s room.

“Ok, Chloe, where did you hide it?” Christie asked.

“Hide what?” Chloe asked.

“Don’t play dumb with me! Now give my history report back!” Christie said with an angry voice.

“Look, I might like to hide your stuffs. But, seriously, I don’t hide your history report” Chloe said while she left her room.

Christie couldn’t find her history report. Then, the school bus came. Christie was hopeless. So, she went to school without her history report. Christie said good bye to her mom and Catzriel.

At school, Christie went to History class and took a seat. When class starts, Mr. Traversons told the students to come and presentate their history reports in front of the class. Luckily, one of Christie’s friend voluteered to be first. Butterflies fluttered in Christie’s stomache. She was afraid that Mr. Traversons will get angry on her.

Suddenly, Christie heard a “meow” coming from the window. It was Catzriel.

“Catzriel, what are you doing here? Go home now!” Christie said softly.

“Meoww..” Catzriel gave Christie her history report.

“My history report! But, where did you find it?” Christie asked.

Catzriel didn’t “meow” or answer anything. He just left and went home.

Because of Catzriel, Christie could presentate her history report and got a B.

After school, Christie went home. At home…

“Mom, where’s Catzriel?” Christie asked.

“Hi, dear.. Catzriel’s upstairs in your room. Oh, I made you macaroni and cheese. It’s really yummy, you should…” Before mom could even finish talking, Christie already ran to her room to find Catzriel.

Like what mom said, Catzriel was in Christie room, sleeping. Christie stroke Catziel’s head and Catzriel woke up.

“Hey, lil’ guy… Thanks for finding my history report. Let’s go have some snack” Christie said while she carry Catzriel downstairs.

Christie gave Catzriel some cat food while Christie eat the macaroni her mom made. Christie and Catzriel had so much fun that day.

It was night and Christie have to go to bed. The lights are turned off and everyone was off to bed.

In the middle of the night, Christie was awake. She turn on her night light and see what time it was. It was 1.30 a.m. Christie yawned and scratched her head. Suddenly, she saw that Catzriel was not in Christie’s room. She checked the closet, the bathroom, but still no Catzriel. It turns out that Catzriel was in the balcony.

“Catzriel, what are you doing here? Let’s go back inside. It’s cold outside” Christie said.

“I like the cold night air. So, I think I’m going to stay here for a few more minutes”

“Okay then… WHAT?! Catzriel?! You talked?!” Christie said in amazement.

“I am able to talk and do lots of things at night. You just never knew” Catzriel said.

Christie was surprised. She thought that she was dreaming. So, she slapped her face. Even thought she was not dreaming.

“Come, I’ll show you something” Catzriel said.

Catzriel went downstairs to the backyard. Christie follows Catzriel.

“Well, what are we doing here?” Christie asked.

“Hold on..” Catzriel said.

Catzriel took a black marker and drew a hole on the backyard grass.

“Now, we jump on to this hole and I’ll show you something amazing” Catzriel said.

Christie jumps on to the hole just like what Catzriel said. When Christie opens her eyes, Christie saw a really cool place. Where all cats are able to speak and do things like humans.

“Welcome to Cat Kingdom, Christie. Here all cats could be just like humans. They can talk like humans, work like humans and do everything like humans. But, we don’t look like humans.

“Oh my god, Catzriel… This is a cat’s paradise!” Christie said, feeling amazed.

“Now, let me show you around and let’s have fun!” Catzriel said while he ran towards a tour bus. Christie followed Catzriel and rode the tour bus.

That night, Christie and Catzriel had so much fun. The cats in Cat Kingdom really like Christie. And Christie also like the cats in Cat Kingdom. Christie had so much fun that she didn’t realize that it’s almost morning. So, Catzriel and all the other cats couldn’t talk like humans anymore. Suddenly, Christie fell asleep and woke up on her bed.

“That was a dream? Huh…” Christie sighed.

Catzriel smiled at Christie.

Do you think it was a dream? Hmm… Find out in the next chapter of the story!

So, what do you think about this chapter? Do you know what will happen to Christie and Catzriel in the next chapter? Well, you can find out in the next chapter. Thanks for reading, guys. See you in the next chapter! ><


Aurel ^^


5 comments on “(˘o˘)/ / A Nεw Bεginning.. \\(˘o˘)

  • wow so good,,,, but i will not lose from you.Not about the writting thingy but about your english.I will study hard and my english skill will improved much.Well sometimes you are ahead of me .ok now lets get back to the comment about your story.I really enjoy it very much. I’m writting just like you but maybe it’s not as better as you do….. BFF 😀

  • WOW! I don’t like it..

    BUT I LOVE IT! ❤ ❤ ❤
    I just can't wait for the next chapter! as usual, you're always good at English. I wish Mr.Heinz can see this. He'll be so proud of you, Aurel 🙂

    Hey, too bad you can't join us at After School – Basket . 😦 It's really fun! There's Nixie and her friend too! you need to join us next week. But I guess Ms.Ari won't let me join, because next week we're going to have Try Out. Well, we better talk about this at school 😀

    'Kay, Good Luck at chasing your dreams! God Bless You always, my dear.. ❤ 😉

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