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My Feelings about Film 2012

Published January 7, 2010 by aurelpenuliscilik

Do you ever feel that 2012 is near you?

Well, I always think how it is at 2012. When we watch the 2012 movie, we might think that it’s not really that bad. But after that, you’ll dream about it or think about it the whole time.

I’m not really sure if THE END of this world is really at 2012. But, I’m just worried about what if tomorrow changes.

When I swim in the swimming pool for example, I like to dive into the pool. But, it feels like my courage has gone away. And, it feels like the tsunami is covering me.

When, my brother cries, I feel like he is crying because he is scared of the tsunami or the meteor and other kinds of stuffs. Sometimes I feel really disappointed to myself for getting angry to my brother. I may not cry on the outside. But, I really am crying on the inside.

Most of my dreams are about 2012. I dream that I am being hit by a meteor, hurt by earthquakes, covered by tsunamis and lots more. It makes me do not really concentrate on my school works. I feel so worried, but I never tell this dream to anyone.

But, after I talked to my mom about the dreams and imaginations about 2012, my fear began to get out of my brain.

My mother told me that THE End is like moving our house. Only, it’s a little bit hurt, but it’s okay.  Because, after that pain, we will have our new home called paradise.

That new home will be a million times better. Better than the President’s house or the King’s castle.  We should thank God that He still let us get into his house.

We should thank God for He had given us THE END of the world, and move us to His house. Thank God for all the things we do everyday even when it seems so sad and it is not our lucky day.

So, if you want to be God’s child, pray and praise the Lord everyday!. Don’t worry, because God’s always beside you every time and everyday!

God Bless!!!.