Pig and bee’s new food menu

Published August 23, 2009 by aurelpenuliscilik


One morning pig wake up at 6.00 at the morning. He comes down from his bed and he wakes his friend the bee. They want to wake up so early because

After they wake up they can eat their breakfast.

One day Pig and bee are really bored because they always had the same food.

Pig eats apple sausage. And bee eat honey sandwich. So they ask the farmer to change their food menu. And the farmer said ok.

At the morning the Farmer made a different food for Pig and bee. Pig got a pizza. And bee got spaghetti. Then when they eat it they didn’t like it. So pig and bee want to change the food menu again.

At the afternoon the farmer made another different food. Pig got a cake. Bee got a pie. But they still didn’t like it. So they want another different food menu.

At the night, they still can’t think of anything else to eat.

But bee got one idea for pig. And he agreed with bee’s solution.

The next day pig shows the farmer a picture of a honey sandwich and an apple sausage. Now the farmer knew what Pig and bee wanted.

Finally, they got their old food menu back. Maybe it’s not so fancy. But at least it is yummy!



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