Movie perfect

Published August 23, 2009 by aurelpenuliscilik

In this month, Billy’s school is having a school’s festival. At this festival Billy want to make a movie. But Billy can’t do it much longer. We have to present our movie today. The festival starts at Friday. Today is Tuesday.

Then at Wednesday Billy told the teacher about the show. The teacher agrees. She will order Billy’s class mates to be the character of the show. They will start practicing at break time.

The show title is ‘the princess and the prince’. Billy was really excited about the show.

When they are practicing, some of them were doing a mistake.

But Billy does not be mad at his friend for doing a mistake. They just replay the show.

The day of the festival is here. Billy’s class mates are a little nervous. So was Billy.

But when they started the show, the people love it.

Even Billy and his class mates. So every festival day, the schools will always having a show. And Billy is the star of the show. THE END.

Written by: Aurelia PrinishaNDHRKUMHNY



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