Hello Kitty Got Sick

Published August 23, 2009 by aurelpenuliscilik


Hello Kitty was sick since she went for a camp last month.  She stayed up all night last year.

”I’m afraid Hello Kitty needs to stay for 1 week. And Hello Kitty needs more rest”, said Doctor Cat.

Doctor Cat gave Hello Kitty some medicine.

On Monday morning, Raccoon and Rabbit went to see Hello Kitty. They brought some fruits and greeting cards. Hello Kitty missed her school.

Mama Kitty gives Hello Kitty some medicine.

” YUCKKKK! This medicine tasted bad!” said Hello Kitty.

“But if you drink it, you may be cured from your sickness” said mama Kitty.

Hello Kitty finally wanted to drink the medicine.  Grandma Kitty came to visit. She brought her a bowl of delicious corn soup.

Grandma Kitty makes this soup once a year only. But in this case, she could make a million of soup if Hello Kitty wants.

After Grandma Kitty left, Hello Kitty went to bed.

The next day, Hello Kitty felt better already.

”I’m cured!” said Hello Kitty.

Hello Kitty was very happy when she felt better. And Hello Kitty finally can met her friends again.



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