The biggest fan of ICarly

Published August 23, 2009 by aurelpenuliscilik

I am the biggest fan of ICarly

Carly is a girl who makes a blog. Miranda Cosgrove is the one who be Carly. Nathan Kress is the one who be Freddy.

Jennette McCurdy is the one who be Sam. And Jerry Trainor is the one who be Carly’s Big brother, Spencer.

So many People want to be Miranda Cosgrove’s Fans. Actually Miranda Cosgrove also plays at Drake and Josh. Carly’s best friend is Sam. Carly stayed with Spencer in the apartement.

Who is your favorite character?

I carly I carly 2

Could it be Mandy, Spencer, Carly, Freddy or Sam?

Mine is Freddy, Carly and Sam.

ICarly is the best show in Nickelodeon. In U.S.A, so many people send videos to Carly.

Maybe you can show Carly what trick could you by sending a Video. Send your video to ICarly.Com. send your Video and get $ 100.

What’s that? You want to watch ICarly? Well, just watch ICarly at Nickelodeon every day at 3:30 P.M. And if you want to know more about ICarly, just go to ICarly.Com where you can see can see ICarly videos, website and know more about your favorite characters.

Now I, Aurel want to say good bye and thank you.


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