Being healthy with berries

Published February 19, 2009 by aurelpenuliscilik


Hello, my name is Aurel. I am an 8 years old writer.

Today I’ll tell you about being healthy. Maybe my story is only simple. Today our healthy food is about berries.

Do you know that bears like to eat berries? Bear like to eat berries because it’s sweet and really healthy. Berries are good for our body and for our brains.

We can eat it in juice, jam, and fruit salad. Berries can have a different color. For strawberry the color is pink. Grapes had many colors like green, purple and sometimes blue like blueberry. Berries are good for us.

In the berries there are vitamins A, Vitamin c and Vitamin B. Berries will make us strong and also make us healthy.

So remember to always eat berries. Hope you will eat berries once a day and be healthy. Meet me soon in another story.

Good bye.

Be healthy friends!


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