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Being healthy with berries

Published February 19, 2009 by aurelpenuliscilik


Hello, my name is Aurel. I am an 8 years old writer.

Today I’ll tell you about being healthy. Maybe my story is only simple. Today our healthy food is about berries.

Do you know that bears like to eat berries? Bear like to eat berries because it’s sweet and really healthy. Berries are good for our body and for our brains.

We can eat it in juice, jam, and fruit salad. Berries can have a different color. For strawberry the color is pink. Grapes had many colors like green, purple and sometimes blue like blueberry. Berries are good for us.

In the berries there are vitamins A, Vitamin c and Vitamin B. Berries will make us strong and also make us healthy.

So remember to always eat berries. Hope you will eat berries once a day and be healthy. Meet me soon in another story.

Good bye.

Be healthy friends!


Adam in the corn world

Published February 19, 2009 by aurelpenuliscilik

There was a boy named Adam. Adam is 7 years old. His hobby is reading books. He also likes to try and eat some food. He also had a sister named Sue.

One day Adam was having a snack. He ate corn and cookie. Then when his sister saw the cookie, she says

“LOOKIE!!! COOKIE” said Sue.

But Adam was thinking that he should eat corn.

His sister prefer cookie more than corn. Adam still eats the corn.

Then when he sleeps, he was dreaming he was at some village which is looks like corns.

Then there was a corn that helps Adam.  The corn’s name is Cannol.  She is a female corn.

Cannol is really nice.  She show Adam her village.  Then when it’s night, Cannol takes Adam to her home.  She let Adam stay for a few days.

Luckyly Cannol still had one room for Adam. The bed is not as soft as at His home, but Adam sure got a good sleep.

Then at the morning, the corn villagers are making breakfast.  Their breakfast is milk cake.  Adam loves to stay at the corn village.

But then Adam was a wake from his nice dream.

Ah, it’s only a dream?

But it’s ok.  Maybe if he ate healthy foods he will dream nice dreams again. Even you.  But not for Sue.  He dreamed that all chocolates had eaten all her stamps collections.

And now Adam eat healthy foods forever and ever.