A Tricky little fish

Published December 4, 2008 by aurelpenuliscilik

One day there was a little fish. His name is Fishy. He always helps her mom cleaning up the house. And he also needs to feed his pet horse.

One day he wants to pick some sea weed for breakfast. But a shark wants to eat Fishy.

“Hello, little fish. Let me go with you” said the shark with a very hungry face.

“Well, I don’t want to get late. So I guess I’ll go on my own” said Fishy.

Then the shark gets hungrier. He chases Fishy. Fishy was scared. But he has many tricky tricks for that nasty shark.

“Mr. Shark can you hear me play a guitar first?” ask Fishy. “Wow, I like a guitar. Well I guess I can hear you play a guitar” said the shark.

“But I need to make a guitar first. But today I already made one before I get here” said Fishy with a happy face.

Then Fishy get the guitar. He plays it really soft. He sings a lullaby for Mr. Shark. Mr. Shark got a little bit sleepy.

Then Mr. Shark fall a sleep at seaweed.

Then he slowly took the seaweed. He picks it up really nice. He doesn’t want to wake the shark.

Then he goes home. But when he’s on the way home, he saw a cherry on a cherry tree. His mother would not be angry if he picks up some cherry. Then a dolphin comes.

“Hey that’s my cherry tree!” said the dolphin.” Sorry, Mr. Dolphin. But I’ll pay you for this cherry” said Fishy.

“How about I give you$20.000?”

Ask Fishy.” Ok, I agree” said the dolphin.

Then he goes home. But He thinks again.

“Would mom be mad if I buy some fish sickle and maybe some fish gums?” ask Fishy to him self.

“Maybe mom would not be mad if I buy many foods” said Fishy.

Then he buys some fish sickle and fish gums. He still has $10.000.

Then when he got home some popular fish come.

“If you wanted to go there you have to pay” said the popular fish. But Fishy don’t have any money left. Lucky Fishy bought toy money. So he gave them toy money. The popular fish didn’t know it.

Then at his home his mom didn’t know what has happened. He sees many foods that Fishy bought. His mom was so proud that he makes a big party with lots of games, candies, foods, and a cherry pie contest. They all enjoyed the sea party.

Hmmm… I wondered how the shark, the dolphin, and the popular fish are doing. Didn’t they know they were trick by Fishy? But Fishy is a great tricky fish all right



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